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  • 12 Gorgeous Holiday Recipes with Oranges

  • Perfect Homemade Treats for Everyone on Your List

  • 7 Pumpkin Recipes for Perfect Fall Moments

  • 9 Recipes to Use A Bushel of Apples

  • 6 Simple Cookie Recipes That Will Win The Office Potluck

  • 6 Delicious Holiday Alternatives to Turkey

  • 11 Side Dishes That Will Steal the Show

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    Award Winning Movie Snacks And Sips

    Sobeys presents: award winning movie inspired snacks and sips. If you're hosting a movie-themed party ...

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    Garlic Herb Pull-Apart Dinner Rolls

    Warm, golden and delicious, this pull-apart bread is addictively fragrant with garlic, herbs and belly-warming ...

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    Ginger Chai Tea

    The savoury aroma of spices blending into tea is soothing enough to warm the coldest ...

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    Parmesan & Herb Crisps

    Cheesy and simply irresistible, these crisps are perfect for topping soups, serving cocktail bites or ...

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    How to Make Classic Red Velvet Cake

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    Recipe: Chocolate Espresso Pudding Cups

    Perfectly portioned and quick to make, our Chocolate Espresso Pudding Cups are great for entertaining ...

  • Recent Articles

    From weeknight meal planning to entertaining ideas, discover weekly tips and inspiration and try something new.

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    While the ground is still frozen in early spring, Canadian maple syrup production kicks into ...

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    Master the Technique Simple techniques will guarantee your crust comes out just right (the bragging ...

  • How to Can Tomatoes

    Canning is an age-old domestic art that’s seeing a revival in time with today’...

  • A Beginner’s Guide to Chinese-Style Cooking

    Chinese food is a world famous cuisine. In Canada, there are Chinese food restaurants in ...

  • How to Build a Better Grocery List

    There's an art to creating a useful grocery list for you and your family, but ...

  • How to Shop the Flyer

    The next time a bundle of flyers arrives on your doorstep—or e-flyers land in ...

  • Tips on How to Shop Your Grocery Store

    You know your Sobeys store so well you could shop it with your eyes closed, ...

  • Leftovers Challenge: 8 Ways to Use Leftover Cabbage

    Often purchased with great intentions, a head of cabbage is one of those ingredients that ...

  • A Beginner’s Guide to Mediterranean-Style Cooking

    Mediterranean-style cooking is based on the cuisine of countries close to the Mediterranean Sea, and ...

  • How to Barbecue in Winter

    Grilling isn’t just for cottage season—it’s a year-round pleasure across our nation, ...

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    Whether you want an easy breakfast or a side dish for the holiday Feast, you’ll find the little ones in your life are happy to help.

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